🔃Withdraw Expired Tokens

A guide to unstaking tokens if a question is cancelled or expired.

A question may be marked as Cancelled or Expired. These are the 2 scenarios where users can unstake/withdraw their original tokens

Scenario A: Question cancelled due to low participation

A question is cancelled if there is low participation. For a question to be successful, you need to have participants on both sides of the question. This means at least 1 person should predict Yes and at least 1 person should predict No. If you are the only person taking part in a question or there are multiple participants on one side only, but no one else on the other side, the question will be cancelled.

You will see a message similar to this on the question page:

You can now go to your dashboard where you will see an entry in the Claim Tokens section. Click Claim Token to withdraw your tokens (You will need BNB to pay gas fees for this transaction).

Scenario B - Question Expired

As the resolution lies at the hands of the HT team (to pick the winning answer and distribute the winnings), there is a centralization factor. However, the Smart Contract takes care of this issue. If HT fails to resolve a question and pick a winning side within 7 days, users can simply withdraw their tokens. This way, when you take part in a question, you will either win the prize pool (if you get the answer right), lose your funds (if you get the answer wrong) or withdraw your tokens if HT does not resolve the pool in a timely manner. HT cannot keep your funds locked away by not resolving a question.

We aim to resolve all questions within 1 day of the timer ending and this scenario will likely never happen. But if for some reason, we are not able to resolve a question within 7 days of the timer ending, you will be able to withdraw your tokens via the dashboard. The withdraw process is similar to Scenario 1 explained above.

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