This page describes the contents of the Homepage: www.headstails.xyz

  • Search Bar: You can search for any open question by text.

  • Notification Icon: Logged-in users (those who have a wallet connected) will see a bell icon. Clicking on this will show any updates to the question user has taken part in.

  • Dashboard: This takes you to the user dashboard. Your wallet must be connected to the site for the dashboard to be displayed.

  • Connect: This allows you to connect your wallet using MetaMask or Wallet Connect.

  • Total Payouts: The USD value of winnings distributed to users so far on HeadsTails.

  • Total Live Markets: Total Live Questions on the platform at this time.

  • Total Users: Total amount of registered users on HeadsTails.

  • Top Trending: Top 3 Live questions with the most volume ($ value).

  • User Ranking: Top 3 users from the Leaderboard. User Ranking clicks through to the leaderboard page.

  • Explore Section:

    • All: All questions, no matter what their status.

    • Featured: Questions highlighted as important by the HeadsTails team.

    • Trending: Question with most volume (BUSD staked).

    • Newest: Questions created in the last 24 hours.

    • Expiring: Questions whose timer ends in the next 24 hours.

    • Ended: Questions whose timer has ended, but they have not been resolved (no winning answer chosen yet).

    • Resolved: Questions that have been resolved (and winnings distributed) by the HeadsTails team.

    • Cancelled: Questions that have been cancelled due to low participation.

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