Question Page

This page describes the contents of any question page

Main Display (Question Text Area):

  1. Binance USD (BUSD): Logo for the token used to take part in the question.

  2. Submitted By: This is a community-submitted question. This is the wallet address for the community member and they will get up to 2% of the total volume (depending on the agreement at the time). If it's not a community-submitted question, Submitted By will not be displayed.

  3. Volume: Total amount of BUSD staked on this question so far.

  4. Predicting Ends: When the timer ends and no more bids will be accepted after that.

Token Staking Area (When question is Live):

  1. Yes 60.11%: Percentage of the total prize pool (volume) on Yes. The green bar matches this percentage.

  2. No 39.89%: Percentage of the total prize pool (volume) on No. The red bar matches this percentage.

  3. Users: Green and Red user icons display the number of participants on each side.

Token Staking Area (When a question has been resolved):

  • Total Pool: Total USD value of amount staked in Yes and No.

  • Winner's share: How much of the Total Pool do winners share between them.

  • Platform fee: HT's commission of the Total Pool.

  • Submitter fee: How much does the submitter get (applicable to community submitted questions only).

  • Winner's ROI: Return on investment for each winner on their initial stake.

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