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This guide explains how Rankings work.
HeadsTails has a points system. You get ranking points for predicting correctly. A global leader board shows top-ranking players, updated daily. A dedicated page also shows the Top 10 monthly Top Earners, updated at the end of every month.
HeadsTails Ranks
  • All users start with Coinflipper Rank. You can see your current rank on the dashboard.
  • Answering questions correctly allows users to increase their rank.
  • Once you are promoted to a higher rank, you cannot be demoted down to a lower level if you get questions wrong. It will affect your Win Rate percentage but the platform does not penalize you by demoting you to a lower rank.
  • A win rate is displayed for each rank, which allows others to see your performance statistics.
  • For example, all users will start off with a Coinflipper Rank:
  • Here is a user who has increased their Rank to Judge.